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 StarClan are the deceased warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living Clan cats. There is no specific leader for StarClan, since there are many cats from all eight Clans that work together. They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats.




Wetstar has silvery gray black stripey fur with blue eyes. Wetstar is loyal, clever and fights well but can be distracted easilly by patrols and polotics of the clans.

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Ginger tabby tom. Bright personality.

He has the ability to power to possess cats for

the sake of a clan. He started as runt but became

a leader in DreamClan. He left and became a

rouge. BUT, he went to StarClan.
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A humble, big, kind tom who follows the warrior code very closely. He was close friends with Rabbitstar, Sunstar, Muddyfur, and Iceclaws when they were all young always-getting-into-trouble cats. He has a mate, Blackfur, who he left behind when he died taking on three or so badgers when they attacked SunClan's camp. When he was still alive they had Duckkit, Redkit, Icekit, a unnamed kit, Dirtykit, and Horsekit.

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A hyper, kind, sweet tom who loves to adventure. He often finds himself getting into trouble, but much young apprentices do.

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Dark Forest
The Place of No Stars (informally known as the Dark Forest) is the opposite of StarClan's hunting grounds. It is a place where cats that have committed great crimes against their Clans and against the Warrior Code go when they die. However, cats who commit crimes but believe they are following the Warrior Code by doing them can usually join the ranks of StarClan instead, like Ashfur.
Loners are cats living on their own who do not belong in any Clan, are not looked after by Twolegs, and don't trouble the Clans. Rogue is the term used to describe the hostile, usually agressive stray cats who do not belong to a Clan and are not cared for by Twolegs.


Dragon is a very stealthy cat who loves battles. Her mother named her dragon because she was born while her mother was trapped in a wild fire. She opened her eyes almost emediatly and stood up soon after. She has an incredible scent of smell and she smelled a fox nest in a cave and they sheltered there. Her mother died of breathing in too much smoke and Dragon beryed her inside the cave. Dragon sleeps outside in the darkness and she can see almost completely in the dark due to her dragon colored eyes. Her father, Darkness, lives with her and protects her.
Darkness is the father of Dragon and he never leaves her side. They are cats who sleep anywhere and they never leave the clan terretories. They never leave because they don't want peace, like Ravenpaw, they want action. He is pure black like his daughter but he has amber eyes and not purple.
A kittypet is the Clan cats' word for housecats, that Twolegs keep and care for.


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The prey is starting to come out, and the cats are filling up their hungry Leafbare bellies. Plants, flowers, and herbs are growing, and birds are singing. It's a happy time for all of the clans.



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