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A black tom with a red splotch on his chest.

He has one black eye and one green, his

personality is cruel and cold.

Roleplayer: Link

Medicine Cat                                                                                    



A psycho tan cat with brown and white spots on his pelt like a hyenas. One of his eyes is blind and blood red, and the other is a piercing green. When he was a small apprentice he decided to snoop around the twoleg place, which resulted in a nail through his paw that was never able to be taken out. In his craziness he stabbed his right eye multiple times with it resulting in his blind gaze in that eye.

Roleplayer: Link

Medicine Cat Apprentice                                                              



Small and compact , with wide silver eyes and a pure black coat. She doesn't really talk much, and when she does, just mumbles a little. Nobody really talks to her, either, so nobody knows what she thinks all the time. As a young kit, Hazelpaw's parents made sure that she would become the medicine cat, as they saw it was safer. But they didn't know that she would be mentored by the crazy Hyenafeather. Hazelpaw usually stays away from her mentor, as she already has scars from some of his clawings. Hazelpaw seriously hates her life, but is too afraid to leave it.

Roleplayer: Link




A very ambitious brown cat with black

stripes. He has tons of scars, more than

can be counted on his pelt. Cunning and

blood-thirsty, this cat is feared and is respected

by fear.

Roleplayer: Link



A fast, clever, humorous, deceiving, black tom with

blue eyes, silver markings, and a white underbelly.

He was born and raised in DarkClan.

Roleplayer: Link



Smartalecked, quick to act, and a badass.  

This cat is a valued member of DarkClan.

Roleplayer: Link



She is a smoky-gray she cat with darker gray stripes and white paws with a white underbelly. She has dark green eyes. She is a born fighter.

Roleplayer: Link



Silver, with darker flecks, and green eyes. She was shy but adjusted to DarkClan. She has nimble paws that were meant for snatching herbs, and helps Hyenafeather with when Hazelpaw is out. Her parents died in a fight with rouges when she was 2 moons old. No one says anything about her parents when they are around her, but everyone respects her anyway.

Roleplayer: Link



Grey, ashy pelt; greyish blue eyes.

He's slim, and very quick on his


Roleplayer: Link



A trusting, loyal tom from DarkClan. He often feels quite out of place in his own clan though he enjoys fighting. He hopes that he can help his clan become better than they currently are but he knows that he will fail. His thick silver pelt with white tinges makes him an amazing and stunningly handsome tom.  

Roleplayer: Link




Grey pelt and wild green eyes.

Fun, Outgoing, Amusing, Wild, Goofy.

Roleplayer: Link

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Prey is plentiful, but water definitely isn't. Tension is running between the Clans, mostly because of the serious threat of drought.



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