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22 years old
Climin' in yo window, and snachin' yo people up. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.
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About Me

Stormheart is a small gray she-cat with a thick striped coat. She has deep blue eyes and a rather long tail. her ears have a tuft of long black fur on the tips. She had a pink nose and a white underbelly, the white reaching up to her chest. Her third claw on her front left foot is gone due to her ripping it of when she was a kit after getting it caught in the trunk of a tree and letting go.

Ripplekit is a white tom kit with blue eyes. He has little ginger patches around his eyes and he loves to play with other kits.

Forestkit is a black tom kit with icy blue eyes. He is easily annoyed and prefers to be alone. He longs to be a warrior but lacks in the friendship and warm heart of one.

Amberblaze, mother of Ripplekit and Forestkit, is a beautiful bright ginger she-cat with a long tail and a white underbelly/paws. Her eyes are a striking green that glows like the forest in New Leaf.

Violetkit is a ginger she-kit with violet eyes. She has light stripes and small brown spots. She gets into more trouble than some cats can handle and she tries to explore the territory whenever she can.

Darkpaw is a black tom apprentice with blue eyes and white rings along his tail. Though he is kind and caring, he doesn't really like other cats, but will do anything for Rushingpaw and hates when he has to work with them but he will do anything for his clan.

Rushingpaw is a dark gray she-cat apprentice with a nack for being a know-it-all. She tries to stick to the warrior code dispite her clan's... traits. Her eyes are light yellow and she loves fighting, a good tusstle is all she needs when she's restless.

Lunakit is a tiny bundle of joy. She has a brown-russet pelt and blue eyes. She just loves to run and smell flowers on her way. She is a pretty little thing and most cats adore her right away.

Moonglow is a pretty, young she-cat with blue eyes. Her tail is a bit short, she'd just been born that way (lol). She loves to fight and is easily ticked off. When someone messes with her enough, they'll most likely end up ear-less.

Intolorant and angry, Oakshine is an all around steriotipical cat. He has green eyes and a dark brown tabby coat. He wonders about a lot and prefers being alone but sometimes he needs the support of his clanmates to cheer him up.

Patchfur is an amber eyed, white and ginger queen who just loves the sun. She likes to hunt birds and doesn't like crowfood at all. Climbing is what she's best at and she can stay up in trees for a very long time.

Name: Chess

About: Chess is a mild mannered house cat with silver fur and black spots. Her eyes are yellowy green. She likes to sneak out and look at the cats who live in... Clans? she doesn't know. They don't seem to see her but she sees other cats roaming about and sometimes doesnt feel to safe.

Rank: Outside housecat.


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Reply Azurefeather
1:50 AM on May 10, 2014 
(To the comment you left on my profile): Thank-you! I'll certainly start up once I have the time.
Reply Sunstar
5:27 PM on November 10, 2013 
What the crap are you talking about, have you never noticed?
It always had
Reply Stormheart
11:20 AM on November 10, 2013 
Reply Icestar
10:39 PM on November 9, 2013 
Hey storm
Reply Sunstar
1:36 AM on September 14, 2013 
Too many. Bad girl. *smacks*
Reply Stormheart
4:56 PM on August 31, 2013 
ok, now i have enough cats, do u think?
Reply Stormheart
2:06 PM on August 20, 2013 
Sooooooooooooooooooo many chicken wings!
Reply Sunstar
11:10 AM on August 20, 2013 
Reply Fireclaw
8:53 PM on August 9, 2013 
Reply LunarPaw
6:57 PM on August 5, 2013 
Reply Sunstar
10:21 PM on July 26, 2013 
joining* o-o
Reply Sunstar
1:50 PM on July 9, 2013 
Welcome to the site! =] Thanks for joinging!